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Bloc Boyz “Forgive Me…….R.I.P. Chip

Bloc Boyz “Forgive Me”:


Kang B- Its Da Kang

(Columbia, SC) S.B aka Mr Next Week “The Introduction”

South Carolina’s DOT Director Resigns After DUI Arrest


Prosecutors: Thieves Stole $2M After Planting Devices On Gas Pumps


CBS New York

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork/AP) — Thieves planted devices on gas pumps to copy credit and bank card numbers and used the data to steal more than $2 million in a scheme that hopscotched from the Southeast to New York City to the West Coast, prosecutors say.

Four suspects pleaded not guilty to money laundering and other charges Tuesday in Manhattan. Nine others were being arrested. A lawyer for accused ringleader Davit Kudugulyan declined to comment.

Manhattan District Attorney Cyrus Vance Jr. said the group somehow installed devices that captured card and PIN numbers inside pumps at gas stations in Georgia, South Carolina and Texas.

Prosecutors say the scammers then forged new cards, withdrew cash from Manhattan ATMs, deposited it in bank accounts and withdrew it again from banks in California and Nevada.

Kudugulyan; Garegin Spartalyan, 40; Aram Martirosian, 34; and Hayk Dzhandzhapanyan, 40, are charged in a 426-count indictment with money…

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Kenny Miles Shines Light on Suicide

I95 Street Journal

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kenny-miles-self-inflictedI like to think I follow college football fairly closely, but I never heard of Kenny Miles before this week.

Until last year, Miles was a running back for South Carolina. He had a rather undistinguished playing career, rushing for 1,341 yards and four touchdowns, adding one touchdown reception, in four years. He graduated in May and began working for the SC Attorney General’s office.

What makes Miles special is what he did this week – he admitted to a suicide attempt. When police originally responded to a call in November, Miles claimed the bullet wound in his arm came from a robbery attempt. When police discovered the truth, he was charged with filing a false report. He then came clean and publicly admitted the wound was self-inflicted.

Ok, so maybe he isn’t the paragon of truth here; so he didn’t discuss his suicide attempt until he was called out…

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