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The b-e-a-utifully designed interior of 2014 Mercedes-Benz S-Class


Carbon-fiber missiles with horse or bull badges might attract more attention, but few cars command the respect of an S-class. Whenever we think of Mercedes it gives us the goose bumps. It has been matching the class of Royalty since from its very first launch. Once again Mercedes Benz S-class has had set the fire with huge records of its intense, smart looks and features. S-class has already hit the news by its drive system, safety environment, and technical data.


But, here I have listed some of the new mind boggling features of the interior. Check it out:

Comfort Level: Let me start with the seats. S class kept the comfort in mind when designed it.  They blend all the requirements of comfort, ergonomic, design and safety.  An ideal interior ambiance enhances comfort & increases stress-relieving safety. The interior comforts of 2014 Benz matches all the required stuffs like-

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