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The Controversial Rise of ‘Mumble Rappers’

What do Lil Yachty, 21 Savage and Desiigner all have in common? Apart from being 3 of the most well known names in the current hip hop world, they all fall under the category of ‘Mumble Rapper’. But what is ‘Mumble Rap’? This definition from just about hits the nail on the head: “A […]

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Young Mac’n & Boski- BUTCH JONES

Young Mac’n & Boski- BUTCH JONES:

Mac Sosa “Throwed Off”

Mac Sosa “Throwed Off”:–Y

The Theorizt – Revolution [Official Music Video]

Check out Knoxville, Tennessee’s The Theorizt – Revolution [Official Music Video]:

Taka LAID BACK ft. Young Mac’n

Taka LAID BACK ft. Young Mac’n:

Lil Boosie First Performance Since Released From Prison

Lil Boosie First Performance Since Released From …:

FAME- 2 Legit

FAME- 2 Legit:

Penn State Hires James Franklin As Their New Head Coach

I95 Street Journal

FAME- Playa Muzik (Mixtape) Promo Video

LAND OF HARD KNOX: The Movie (Official Trailer #2)