The hacking group that claims it took down the Xbox and PlayStation networks on Christmas can now help you take down any website for the low, low price of $2.99.

Lizard Squad on Tuesday launched its “Lizard Stresser” website, which offers denial of service attacks to paying customers.

Denial of service attacks flood a website with bogus Internet traffic, preventing legitimate traffic from coming in. They’re a favorite tool of hackers and protesters who want to take a particular site or person off the Internet.

So why did Lizard Squad disrupt two of the largest video game networks during the single biggest gaming day of the year? It was essentially a marketing campaign for Lizard Stresser. Until this week, it was unclear what Lizard Squad’s motive was.

Denial of service attacks on websites that you don’t own are illegal. Lizard Stresser claims to be a legitimate tool to test your…

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