CBS New York

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) – The fifth protester to be arrested in the attack of two NYPD lieutenants on the Brooklyn Bridge in December is expected in court Friday, CBS2’s Ilana Gold reported.

Jarrod Shanahan, 29, known as “Suspect No. 2” is currently in police custody after turning himself in Thursday.

Police say Shanahan was part of the group of seven protesters caught on video, going after the two lieutenants on December 13 during protests against the grand jury’s decision to not indict the officer involved in the Eric Garner death.

According to investigators, Shanahan kicked the lieutenants and pulled them away as they tried to arrest 29-year-old Eric Linsker, the man accused of triggering the melee.

Linsker, a Baruch College professor, now faces criminal charges including resisting arrest; he is accused of hurling metal garbage cans over the bridge railing at police officers on the roadway below.

So far, investigators…

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