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MIAMI (CBSMiami) – “How you can actually improve sex during pregnancy?” asked a Miami woman.

“You know sometimes you want, sometimes you don’t,” said her friend.

“How would I find someone to have sex with?” another Miami woman demanded to know.

“Sex is happening!” Iris Krasnow should know. After interviewing over 150 women of all ages, doctors and sex therapists, this journalist has written a book titled “Sex After…”

“This book is called Sex After. But the sub-head is really the most important part of the book, how intimacy changes as life changes,” explained Krasnow.

“And I just think it’s perfect. It’s great. Because sex is what moves us,” Miami resident Edwin Cano said.

“I think that the women over 70 who have told me… and the majority of them are from Florida, I gotta tell ya, that they’re having the best sex of their lives,” Krasnow declared.

Krasnow is…

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