CBS Connecticut

PORTLAND, Maine (CBS Hartford) – A teenager died days after having his wisdom teeth removed sending his community into shock.

Benjamin Edward LaMontagne had his impacted wisdom teeth removed on Feb. 19th and had the typical post-operative pain and swelling.  The 18-year-old’s condition deteriorated within 48 hours following the surgery and he died in his mother’s arm, The Portland Press Herald reported.

His parents, Peter and Lynn LaMontagne, said that rescue workers tried to revive him but couldn’t.  They believe he died from complications to surgery.  An autopsy is being conducted.  

According to The Portland Press Herald, the senior at Cheverus High School was “known as an independent, compassionate young man who constantly pushed himself to be better.”

“If anybody could say they had a complete life after 18 short years, it was Benjamin, which makes it all the more painful to have him taken from us so soon,”…

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