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(CARSON CITY, KXNT, Associated Press)–A state board has approved paying $130,000 to settle a lawsuit filed on behalf of a former Nevada inmate who was shackled while in labor and after giving birth.

The Board of Examiners on Tuesday authorized the settlement with former inmate Valerie Nabors.

Nabors gave birth in October 2011. A federal lawsuit argued she was put at risk of substantial harm and subjected to inhumane treatment when she was shackled during transport to the hospital and after delivery.

She was released from prison in May 2012 after serving time for a non-violent crime. Nabors was not considered a flight risk.

The state also is implementing new policies dealing with treatment of pregnant inmates as part of the settlement.

Nabors was jailed on attempted grand larceny charges. As a non-violent offender, she was naot considered a flight risk, but remained shackled on her trip to UMC vis…

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