CBS Cleveland

HOCKING COUNTY, Ohio (CBS Cleveland) – Hocking County Sheriff’s department has arrested Karen Sharpe, 54, on charges of child abuse.

She has been abusing her granddaughters so bad that her 13-year-old granddaughter decided to secretly video tape it, say police, and the 13-year-old got some of the worse abuse on camera.

“The most disgusting, heinous child abuse I’ve dealt with,” Sgt. Ed Downs, of the Hocking County sheriff’s office told the Columbus Dispatch.

Downs quickly arrested Sharpe after he watched a video of Sharpe allegedly forcing men’s underwear stained with feces into her 11-year-old granddaughter’s mouth. When the girl vomited, Sharpe allegedly told her to swallow it.

And the reason for the abuse, Sharpe says the girl stepped on her injured foot.

According to police records, Sharpe has been charged with kidnapping, two felony counts of endangering children, and misdemeanor counts of endangering children, assault and domestic violence. She…

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