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LAS VEGAS — Todd Kuchman is an entrepreneur and elk hunter in Colorado who wanted a bullet that would boost his chances of hitting his target.

So he invented the Multiple Impact Bullet, a unique new round that, upon firing, splits into several fragments connected by ballistic-strength fiber.

The fiber holds the shrapnel together in a Y-shaped pattern, which makes for much better accuracy than a shotgun’s blast of pellets. That minimizes the chances of hitting unintended people or things, said Kuchman.

The bullets spread to a diameter of 14 inches for handguns and 24 inches for long guns. The fiber itself, which is spooled up inside the core of the slug, slices paper targets to ribbons, but does only “superficial” damage to flesh, Kuchman said.

They’re intended for self defense, says Kuchman. Multiple impact bullets improve the accuracy of nervous, would-be victims with unsteady hands by…

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