Mac Sosa “Throwed Off”

Mac Sosa “Throwed Off”:–Y

Ron Paul Ha (Paper Chaser)

Check out one of the hottest videos of the year from Connecticut’s Ron Paul Ha (Paper Chaser):

The Theorizt – Revolution [Official Music Video]

Check out Knoxville, Tennessee’s The Theorizt – Revolution [Official Music Video]:

Bloc Boyz “Forgive Me…….R.I.P. Chip

Bloc Boyz “Forgive Me”:

Taka LAID BACK ft. Young Mac’n

Taka LAID BACK ft. Young Mac’n:

Ga. Student in Hot Water Over Yearbook Quote

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CLAYTON COUNTY, Ga. — A senior class vice president and leader at her high school was in hot water this week over a quote she had next to her picture in the school’s yearbook, WSB-TV reports.

In addition to her duties as a student body officer, Paris Gray is a member of SADD and the Beta Club at Mundy’s Mill High School in Clayton County, Ga.

The message appearing next to her picture was: “When the going gets tough just remember to Barium, Carbon, Potassium, Thorium, Astatine, Arsenic, Sulfur, Uranium, Phosphorus.”

The quote itself seems innocuous enough until you look up those elements on the periodic table and put together the symbols for each one:

Ba – Barium
C – Carbon
K – Potassium
Th – Thorium
At – Astatine
As – Arsenic
S – Sulfur
U – Uranium
P – Phosphorus


“Basically, it’s just me saying ‘Start all…

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Beyonce & Jay Z Release Fake Trailer For “On the Run ” Tour ( Video)

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Beyonce and Jay Z  have done it again, here’s another surprise from the Carters!

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Schools Still Lean Toward Racial Segregation

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By Dr. Marciene Mattleman

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) - Linda Brown, an African American girl was denied admission to her local elementary school in Topeka, Kansas because of her skin color. While her name is not widely remembered, that incident was critical in bringing a major civil rights victory.

In May 1954, The US Supreme Court handed down a unanimous decision in Brown v. Board of Education of Topeka, ruling that racial segregation in public educational facilities was unconstitutional. That historic decision brought an end to federal tolerance of racial segregation.

Today, the nation’s most segregated schools aren’t in the deep south. The Huffington Post cites the report “New York State’s Extreme School Segregation,” reviewing 60 years of data.

Additionally, the typical black or Latino student in New York attends a school with twice as many low-income students as their white peers, bringing disadvantages that mixed-income schools often lack: health issues, mobile…

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Lil Boosie First Performance Since Released From Prison

Lil Boosie First Performance Since Released From …:

Inmate Found Dead In His Cell

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CHARLESTON, S.C. (AP) — Authorities are investigating the death of a 29-year-old inmate being held in the Charleston County jail on sex charges.

Investigators said Mathew Glidden was found dead in his bed in his cell around 6:45 a.m. Monday as officers were preparing inmates for breakfast.

The State Law Enforcement Division has been called in to investigate the death.

Glidden was awaiting trial on a charge of criminal sexual conduct with a minor and two counts of lewd act on a child.

The coroner’s office plans an autopsy and has not released a cause of death.

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